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The Environmental Impact of Solar Energy

Besides the financial benefits that solar has to offer, solar energy has immensely positive environmental impacts as well.  By reducing carbon, creating cleaner air, conserving water and providing less disturbance to our ecosystem’s, solar power makes the world a cleaner, healthier place for not only current populations, but generations to come as well.

Solar Installations create a clean energy.  By reducing the amount of carbon and methane, as well as other pollutants omitted by other sources of energy, these installations create a cleaner environment.  Not only is the air cleaner, this positive impact assists in enhancing plants, cleanliness, and ecosystems in entirety.

Greenhouse gases produced by other energy forms are trapped in our atmosphere, contributing to climate change disruption, and therefore reflecting damaging effects. Human health is improved by solar as well.  Sciencing.com depicts a study regarding this, stating that, “Beyond emitting greenhouse gases, fossil-fuel combustion can pollute air and water, adversely affecting human health on local and regional scales. The Union of Concerned Scientists gauges the economic repercussions of such health problems in the United States at between $361.7 and $886.5 billion,” (Sciencing.com).

Another uncommon negative effect of greenhouse gases and other sources of energy is water.  Coal and other resources can contaminate water sources and furthermore create a higher water consumption than necessary.   “The US Office of Energy Efficiency & Renewable Energy believes that solar energy systems could help drop water consumption in at least 36 states, (Vivant Solar).”  Since water is a necessity and of shortage in some geographical locations, reducing the usage for energy creation would be immensely beneficial.

Creating a cleaner, more sustainable planet is our mission. Providing high-quality and long-lasting solar installations, enhancing everyone’s ability to help reduce pollutants and ecosystem disturbance allows us to do just that.  With non-renewable resources depleting at a rapid rate, it even more so makes converting to solar energy of high importance. Capitalizing on the positive environmental impacts of solar installations provides us with the means to enhance our planet’s assets, reduce damage, and supply a healthier environment for generations.