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Solar Panels & Differing Roof Types

The main concern when it comes to solar installations and roofing is the condition of the roof.  As long your roof is in good condition, we can install on nearly any roofing material.  With most solar panels possessing a lifespan of 25-30 years, it is important to factor that into the assessment of your roof’s condition.  Endries Solar & Electric can provide a consult, should you be unsure of your roof’s status.  Other factors that have an impact on your system’s installation are the directions of the roof’s surfaces (*South-facing being the highest producing in most situations).  Also, any tree or other building’s obstruction to the array will be considered before the installation as well, to guarantee that the system is in its most beneficial location on your roof.

When thinking about the material used, we adapt the design to whatever you have.  Different mounting is required and/or recommended for various materials.  Fortunately, Endries Solar & Electric has experience with all roof types.  Each system plan is designed specifically for your unique roof, including material.  This includes the most beneficial mounting system for your roof’s material, with an intense focus on providing no or as little damage to the roof itself as possible.  Although for some material penetrations are necessary to hold the panels to fidelity, we take every possible precaution to ensure that the contact points are sealed and safe.  We do this to prevent any damage, such as water damage, as well as providing the safest and longest-lasting system for your roof, all the while guaranteeing the placement offering the highest possible productivity.

To view the particular mounting strategies typically used (*exceptions or adaptations may be necessary occasionally), we find the following article published by Paradise Solar Energy very resourceful: