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Will a Solar Installation Damage My Roof?

Will a Solar Installation Damage My Roof?

Residential Solar | 0 comments |

One of the most common questions prior to installation is, “Will the system damage my roof?” We completely understand the concern here, as you are adding weight, and also altering the foundation of your roof. Choosing the right installer is crucial to making the answer to this question: “No, the system will not damage your roof when installed properly. Selecting a licensed and reputable installation company, with proven quality and integrity displayed in their work is essential. Fortunately, Endries Solar & Electric takes great care in preparing and executing the most beneficial system, not only for solar production, but also to protect and ultimately add value to your roof and home.

Another factor is the condition of your roof prior to installation. Making sure that the roof is appropriate and capable of hosting an installation is very important. One of our experienced installers would be happy to assess that for you or answer any questions that you may have. Sometimes, the municipality to which you belong will require a structural analysis be completed prior to installation as well- during which a certified engineer will assess your home’s structure and guarantee that your roof can safely support the system.

Ionsolar describes another component to understanding the installation process, and how your roof is impacted. They write, “First, it is important to understand just how solar panels are installed. Rooftop solar arrays are attached by drilling holes into the roof and using lag bolts to secure your panels. This thick hardware is designed to withstand the test of heavy weather conditions such as high winds, storms, rain/hail and any other type of heavy impacts. When installed properly, these holes are strategically placed to make sure your roof retains its structural integrity. That’s why it is important to seek out experienced solar installers to guarantee your solar panels are installed correctly. The weight of solar panels on your roof will also not compromise the structural integrity of your roof, even with added pressures such as snow,” (ionsolar.com). Please note, however that in unique situations, residential or commercial, the panels are ballasted or another method is best suited- which will be explained prior to installation.

Endries Solar & Electric takes their time to analyze all the components of your system prior to installation, regardless of its size, and we are happy to answer any of your questions or concerns along the way. Russel Endries designs the most beneficial system for your building and its unique roof and structure, including precautionary measures as well the best process to guarantee a successful installation.

We look forward to walking you through this process and providing you with a solar system that will benefit you and your family for years to come, all while adding value to your home!