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Why Spring is the Optimal Time to Purchase Your Solar Installation

Why Spring is the Optimal Time to Purchase Your Solar Installation

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Although solar installations provide their benefits year-round, Spring is an optimal time to make the investment.   If your solar system is installed in the Spring, you will reap the benefits of the longest days of the year in the Summer.  Summer hosts more sunshine hours which, in turn, leads to higher production, which then save you even more on your utility bill!  The longest day of the year, this year, is June 20th.  Having your system installed prior to this will allow you to capitalize on the opportunity of peak energy production in the days surrounding this date.

Also, most people repair or replace their roofs in the Spring.  If this applies to you, Endries Solar & Electric works in conjunction with your roofers to ensure a succinct and efficient completion of both your roof and solar installation, nearly simultaneously.  Not only does this reduce the burden of you needing to schedule and update both parties, as well as lower the number of trips necessary to you home, you can be assured that your solar system will not outlast your roof (if it did, it is no problem, the panels just need to be uninstalled and then re-installed which results in future appointments and costs).

Furthermore, Summer tends to be the busiest season for solar installers. By booking an installation in the Spring, you can avoid any potential wait times or delays, especially since permitting and utility coordination can sometimes present a longer latency between contract signing and the physical installation itself. By ensuring that your system is up and running by the end of the year, you can guarantee the benefit of the State Rebate as well as the Federal Tax Incentive in time for next year’s taxes.  The Federal Tax Incentive does drop in 2023, so the sooner you schedule your installation with us, the better.

Although our crew is resilient and rarely skips a day, Winter does sometimes present more challenging and unpredictable weather.  Spring, fortunately, provides no hinderances to safety or your installation such as blizzards, frost, and other inclement occurrences.

All in all, Spring is highly recommended as a prime time for you to commit to your investment and future savings through your new solar system.


Image: scotsman.com