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Why Choose Solar Sooner Than Later?

Why Choose Solar Sooner Than Later?

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Delaying the investment in a solar installation essentially means delaying your potential savings on utility bills and incentives.  Deciding on an installation in 2021 is recommended for many reasons, both tangible and intangible. First and foremost, the sun is a renewable energy source, making it a cleaner provider of energy for both current and future generations. Also, the price of solar is at an all-time low, while utility bills are rising.  Not to mention the time-sensitive opportunity to receive the 26% federal tax incentive on your system, which will decrease after 2022.

Another motivator is that non-renewable resources are depleting.  Solar is the most reliable and highest-producing source of energy.  Please note the graph attached depicting the earth’s resources. With solar panel cost being at its low and the consistent energy provided by the sun, it makes sense to capitalize on the current opportunities that a solar installation provides.

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