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Solar Systems and Maintenence

Solar Systems and Maintenence

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Solar Systems and Maintenance

 Keeping your array clean and free from debris is the most important when it comes to maintenance of a roof mounted solar array.  Although panels are durable and last around 25 or more years (*dependent on environment, etc.), there is no way to avoid natural debris.  This could include anything from dust to snow to animal contributions- not to mention numerous more.  Fortunately for most climates, rain is a natural contributor to cleaning your solar panels.  However, we there are other options since rain is not always a common or guaranteed occurrence.  First, system owners are encouraged to consult both their installer as well as the manufacturer of their panels.  The manufacturer often has panel-friendly utensils to allow you to keep your system free of debris.  If necessary, we encourage and insist that anything used to wash panels is non-abrasive.  The link below provides some methods of maintenance as well.

Another factor as to the array’s cleanliness is the location and shading of the system.  Endries Solar & Electric ensures that your system is installed in the direction and location most conducive to energy production.  We conduct a shade analysis as well, which provides further system success, including the least amount of obstruction to the panels.  This can particularly help Wisconsin residents, as this allows maximum sunlight to assist in melting away snow. For ground mounted arrays, keeping the foliage around the array trimmed is very important.

Ensuring all the components are working optimally is another way to maintain your system and can be done with wireless monitoring on your smartphone, tablet, or computer from anywhere.   Scheduling a visit by your certified installer to check your system every few years is always a good idea.

Most importantly- safety first!  If you have any safety questions regarding the maintenance or access to components of your array, please do not hesitate to contact us.  We would be happy to provide further direction!