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Solar & Summer

While solar energy will benefit you at any time of the year, a summer installation does have its benefits. Some might be quick to assume that this is due solely on the warmer weather, however that is only one of the factors contributing to the benefits of a summer installation.

Yes, warmer days contribute to a higher utility bill since you are most likely running your air conditioning during the day and throughout the night. Having solar energy enables you to harness the sun and utilize its energy to cut your energy bill down impactfully. Furthermore, the summer days offer on average more than 5 hours of sunlight than winter days.  This is averagely 5 more hours of energy contribution to your home or business that you are gaining naturally, something advised to capitalize on!

Another factor that is often over-looked is that kids are home for the summer.  Kids these days are all about the electronics: video games, tablets, whatever it may be.  This may be oversighted, but it’s an impactful portion of your energy bill.  Having a solar installation allows you to offset these costs.  Same goes for our ever-evolving country regarding COVID. Opinions aside, a lot of us are working remotely.  Computers, printers, simply being home adds to our bills.  Utilizing the natural energy provided by the sun allows us to minimize or possibly diminish our utility bills.

On another note, most of us tend to enjoy the outdoors in the summer.  Clean energy enables us to enjoy simple pleasures such as hikes, beaches, lakes, etc.  We can all feel good with our contribution to a positive impact on the planet with solar energy.


image: alamy.com