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Solar Installations and the Homeowner’s Role

It may appear that there are uncountable components to installing a solar system, however Endries Solar & Electric makes this process as easy as possible for the homeowner.  Initially, the owner has a part in the design prior to any contract signing.  With mere providing one’s last electricity bills, we work with you to ensure that the system size is most beneficial to you financially.  We also actively listen to our customers regarding their specific system desires: whether that discussing a ground-mounted system vs. a roof-mounted system, a certain desired panel for aesthetic reasons, anything that may be.  We take your input and create a design that will be unique to your unique home and provides the maximum production.

Upon contract signing, we work with your utility company to obtain utility approval.  All we require from you is your account number, and we take care of the rest!  We work with your jurisdiction to obtain all necessary permit specific to your location, and ensure that all work is designed to any structural requirements as well.  Endries Solar & Electric takes care of scheduling: this entails the installation itself, any required inspections from your jurisdiction, and finally, the commissioning of your system. Any monitoring is set up and explained to the system owner as well.  We then submit the Focus on Energy Rebate application for you as well.  The only thing left is the Federal Tax Incentive, which we provide you with the necessary form and are available should you have any questions.

Although solar systems are compiled of intricate electrical and strategic work, the homeowner merely proves a few details- then they can sit back, relax, and enjoy the benefits of their new system!