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“Solar Distancing”

Endries Solar & Electric recognizes and sympathizes with how everyone has been impacted by Covid-19.  Although our lives too have been affected by the pandemic, we are very blessed to be in an industry able to quickly adapt to the “new normal”. By following CDC guidelines, implementing our own company safety measures, and practicing social distancing as well as precautions in our personal lives, Endries Solar & Electric can safely continue to provide you with your solar installation needs.

Primarily, we want you and your family or business to feel comfortable and safe. To ensure that we can enable this, we provide clear and consistent communication with you.  Adapting to any special requirements that you would prefer is absolutely no problem. Fortunately, the majority of a solar installation happens outside, facilitating minimum, if any, face-to-face necessity. Our electrician may need access inside, however just the electrician, and we respect any communicated preference for entry or path desired to access the service panel.

Technology also assists in offering services while remaining socially distant.  Usually, consultations can be offered through online options. We also make a habit of provided multiple ways to contact us, to ensure that you can choose the method of communication that is of most convenience for you. This communication also helps enable the scheduling of an installation that will meet your safety requirements.  Whether there is a time that you will be absent to reduce in-person interaction, or a phone call in advance of our crew’s arrival so that entry access can be prepared, and distancing remain intact, we will tailor our installation per your request.

In addition, and most obviously, we respect the CDC guidelines for cleanliness and hygiene.  Furthermore, we stay up to date with state and jurisdictional advice and regulations.  This includes everything from limiting the number of workers in one area to adapting the permitting or commissioning process and everything in between. Our electricians and installers regularly sanitize their equipment and anything that they come into contact with.    Self-assessments are conducted, and employees stay at home until both themselves and their households are system and Covid-free.

Another way that we are able to continue to serve you with any solar needs is by being understanding.  If you or anyone in your household is presenting any symptoms of illness, or has been in contact with anyone who has, we understand.  Rescheduling has never been more understood.  We also respect your privacy, and details are not necessary.  We will simply make sure that your system is installed at a time safe for yourself as well as our employees.

Most importantly, we want to remind you that we are in this together.  Although life has changed, things will get better!  We are all adapting to this “new normal” together, and Endries Solar & Electric is here for you. We will continue to exceed your expectations with our services, all the while keeping everyone safe.  Even though we may be 6 feet apart, you definitely deserve to save on you utility bill via a solar installation regardless!


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