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Benefits of Going with a Local Solar Installer

So, you decided that you would like to invest in a solar system. How do you select the installation company that is best for you? With so many installation companies available, it could make the decision of which to commit too difficult. In short, there are national companies and then there are local companies. It is important to weigh the pros and cons of each, and then more particularly, which company to select after deciding if you would like to go national or local.  Although we appreciate the possible convenience of a national installation company, local installers have proven their advantages over such national installers, especially in the case of residential customers.  Furthermore, having a close and personal contact, with provenly honest and diligent work, should bring a sense of comfort to your decision.

Endries Solar & Electric is a local, family-owned company, with demonstrated commitment to installations performed that benefit our customers to their maximum potential. Concluding on using a local installer will prove to provide many benefits to you.

Cost is a primary concern to most customers.  Although one might assume that a national installer would provide the lowest cost, this is surprisingly not often the case. Paradise Solar Energy published that, “According to a study by National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL), larger solar installers gave customers a higher quote 70% of the time compared to smaller, local installers. And these quotes were about 10% more on average,” (paradisesolarenergy.com).

Local installers have the time and (literally) local personnel to take their time and customize a proposal that fits your unique system’s specifications to fidelity.  Commonly, a prospective solar system-owner will find less pressure being exerted upon them by a local company versus a national employer; In our case, this is due to Endries Solar &Electric being more concerned with merely providing you with all the details regarding your building’s potential, as well as savings entailed.  We have the time to sit down with you prior to purchase to provide clear and unbiased guidance regarding your potential savings, as well as a personalized quote.  This allows our customers to make a more informed decision, whether it is to go with our company or not.

Quality is also on the forefront of customers’ minds.  Local installers are not under the heavy deadlines some national/global installers. Without rushing installations, local installers often can pay closer attention to detail.  Furthermore, when you go local, you know that the installation crew coming onsite is belonging to the company to whom you decided to commit to.  Often times, more expansive companies subcontract installers, thus making it difficult to hold the individuals working directly on your solar array accountable.

There is a comfort in knowing that the individual who came onsite for your installation’s initial survey, and who designed your tailored system, is personally invested in the success of your installation. Instead of having to go through multiple layers of communication, a system owner who chose a local installer can directly contact the company through one level of communication.  Also, you will find a higher level of fluidity throughout your installation’s process with a local installer as they are familiar with your local jurisdiction, thus making permitting and interconnection occur in a more expedited fashion.

This said, there are of course some individuals who will find value in national/global installers.  Of course, there are benefits and draw backs to all options, we pride ourselves at Endries Solar as being a trusted, attuned, and reputable installer, providing bespoke and customized systems to each unique purchaser.

Please find the following link from West Coast Solar, reflecting our ideals at Endries Solar & Electric as well:


Image: Eisabeth Clem @ https://www.etsy.com/shop/poppyandpinecone