Endries Solar & Electric’s mission is to always put our customers' solar energy needs first. Our goal is to provide high-quality, cost-effective solar electricity solutions with environmental sustainability at the forefront. Our energy efficient solar panel products and services provide a win-win situation for both our customers and the environment.

Investment Tax Credit

Investment Tax Credit Program

The 26% Federal Investment Tax Credit expires on December 31,2020. In 2021, the credit drops to 22%.

Please follow the link to Energy.gov for residential and commercial ITC factsheets.

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2 Ways to SAVE Big with solar!

Two ways to save big when installing solar is knowing the programs that are in place at the state and federal levels.

2020 Focus on Energy Rebate program

2020 Focus on Energy Rebate Program

Wisconsin residents installing eligible solar systems will recieve a Focus on Energy rebate check up to $500. Focus on Energy rebates up $50,000 are available for eligible commercial solar installations along with rebate matches up to $10,000 for eligible commercial agricultural producers. Contact us to learn more.

Residential Focus on Energy rebate

Business Focus on Energy rebate

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Endries Solar & Electric are your solar and electric experts

Your Solar and Electric Experts

At Endries Solar & Electric, we stand behind all of our solar panel products and services. All of our solar installation and maintenance services are performed by licensed and insured Endries Solar & Electric employees; no subcontractors.

Our team of solar experts will guide you through each step of your solar panel installation process from the start of the application paperwork all the way through designing, scheduling, installation, commission, and inspection.

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Endries Solar & Electric is a leading provider of expert solar panel products and services to the Northern and Southeastern Wisconsin. Based in Sheboygan, our solar panel services are available to local residential and commercial customers as well as Green Bay, Milwaukee, Grafton, Fond du Lac, and more!

We are happy to provide support and answers to questions concerning our solar electric panel products, services, or energy efficiency as a whole. Contact Endries Solar & Electric today and we’ll be in touch with you soon!

Endries Solar and Electric provides Customized Solar and Electric Systems

Customized Solar and Electric Systems

The solar experts at Endries Solar & Electric know that each solar project we undertake, whether residential or commercial, will come with unique requirements that need to be analyzed to create the most efficient solar electric energy plan possible.

Our solar energy experts will analyze your current energy usage to form a solar electric plans that will save you money, maximize your energy efficiency, and reduce your carbon footprint.


Endries Solar & Electric specializes in providing solar electric panel products, designs, and installations across Northern and Southeastern Wisconsin . Our team of solar experts analyze current energy usage to design customized solar electric panel systems for business and residential customers. Our solar electric panel plans will maximize energy efficiency, lower electrical costs, and reduce carbon footprints.