There are many reasons more and more businesses are choosing renewable energy strategy.

Businesses are choosing to turn their roofs and/or land into cost saving assets as they produce their own clean energy. This vertical integration delivers tremendous freedom from unexpected rate hikes allowing for confident cost expectations. In addition, favorable IRS rules allow them to depreciate more than their cost after the 26% tax credit with the 5 year MACRS schedule. All while making the connection with the environmentally conscious consumer group has set many apart from their competition.


Endries Solar & Electric designs, installs, and services customized solar electric products and plans for commercial businesses. Our solar electric experts follow a step-by-step approach to analyzing and determining the best possible solar electric panel plan to meet your business’ needs while saving you money, maximizing energy efficiency, and remaining environmentally conscious.


Analyze and Evaluate

Analyze and Evaluate

Endries Solar & Electric’s process starts with our solar energy expert visiting your commercial site to evaluate your current electrical systems. We will assess your recent usage to determine what size system would be ideal for your unique situation. Roof measurements and along with shade analysis help in sizing your system.




Once Endries Solar & Electric has electrical usage and space measurements we will begin to design your customized solar energy system. Confident estimated monthly, annual and lifetime savings will now be delivered once the system has been constructed on paper.




Upon completion of the design of your system, the Endries Solar & Electric team will obtain required permit(s) along with interconnection approval needed before installation can occur. Our installation team will be on site next to begin to build your new renewable energy system. Once completed, we will take care of scheduling the electrical inspection and commissioning date with your electric utility.


Connecting and producing your own clean energy

Connecting and producing your own clean energy

On the date of your commissioning, your Endries solar expert will review the installed components of your system with you as it is connected to “the grid”. We will submit all the paperwork needed to receive your Focus on Energy rebate. The last step will be a review of how you will be able to monitor your system’s production from your smartphone, tablet or personal computer.


An Endries solar-electric plan is extremely beneficial to individual residences. Our plans are custom designed to meet your energy needs while maximizing efficiency, lower your monthly energy costs, and reduce environmental impact.

Endries Solar & Electric plans are customized for each client, so we guarantee the plan and system we design will be the perfect match for your residence or business. Contact Endries Solar & Electric today to get started on your solar energy efficiency plan!

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Our Mission

Endries Solar & Electric’s mission is to always put our customers’ solar energy needs first. Our goal is to provide high-quality, cost-effective solar electricity solutions with environmental sustainability at the forefront. Our energy efficient solar panel products and services provide a win-win situation for both our customers and the environment.


There are two programs that may come as added benefits for upgrading to a solar electric energy plan. One is the Solar Investment Tax Credit (ITC) and the second is Wisconsin’s Focus on Energy renewable energy rebate. Endries Solar & Electric is a certified Trade Ally with Focus on Energy; we will provide you with any assistance and advice necessary to take full advantage of these benefits.

Focus On Energy Credit

Solar Investment Tax Credit (ITC)