Why Solar Electric Power?

Solar electric power provides a great return on investment for commercial businesses. Endries Solar and Electric’s customized solar electric panel plans will help maximize your energy efficiency, reduce your monthly costs, and reduce environmental impacts associated with excessive energy consumption.

Each of our solar electric plans is customized to fit unique commercial business needs, so no plan is the same! Contact our solar energy experts today to learn more about maximizing your business’ energy potential through innovative solar electric power!


Endries Solar & Electric designs, installs, and services customized solar electric products and plans for commercial businesses. Our solar electric experts follow a step-by-step approach to analyzing and determining the best possible solar electric panel plan to meet your business’ needs while saving you money, maximizing energy efficiency, and remaining environmentally conscious.


Analyze and Evaluate

Analyze and Evaluate

Endries Solar & Electric’s process starts with our solar electricity expert visiting your commercial site to evaluate your current electrical systems. We take a reading of your electrical output, compare it to your yearly energy costs, and then formulate a plan to design a solar electric panel system that will lower your costs, maximize your efficiency, and reduce your ecological footprint.




Once Endries has your energy usage, requirement, and cost data, we go right to work on designing your customized solar electrical system. Each solar panel design is unique for every project, so no other solar electrical system will be the same as yours. We calculate all the data we collect during our evaluation, then we apply it towards designing a customized solar electric panel system that will maximize your business’ energy efficiency.




Once our solar energy experts are finished with your solar electric panel design, the Endries Solar & Electric team will come out to personally install your brand new energy efficient solar electric system. We will also go through each step of your solar electric panel system’s usage, maintenance, and explain all the detailed benefits of your new investment.

We will also stand by our work with maintenance services, limited warranties, and we always welcome your solar electricity questions! Endries Solar & Electric values our customer relationships, and will guarantee your satisfaction with our solar electric products and services.


An Endries solar-electric plan is extremely beneficial to individual residences. Our plans are custom designed to meet your energy needs while maximizing efficiency, lower your monthly energy costs, and reduce environmental impact.

Endries Solar & Electric plans are customized for each client, so we guarantee the plan and system we design will be the perfect match for your residence or business. Contact Endries Solar & Electrical today to get started on your solar energy efficiency plan!

Lower Monthly Electrical Costs
More Efficient Energy Usage
Reduce Your Carbon Footprint
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Our Mission

Endries Solar & Electric’s mission is to always put our customers’ solar energy needs first. Our goal is to provide high-quality, cost-effective solar electricity solutions with environmental sustainability at the forefront. Our energy efficient solar panel products and services provide a win-win situation for both our customers and the environment.


There are two programs that may come as added benefits for upgrading to a solar electric energy plan. One is the Solar Investment Tax Credit (ITC) and the second is the State of Wisconsin Focus on Energy Solar Rebate. Endries Solar & Electric, LLC is a certified Trade Ally with Focus on Energy; we will provide you with any assistance and advice necessary to take full advantage of these benefits.

Focus On Energy Credit

Solar Investment Tax Credit (ITC)